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Let’s Take a Look Back

Let’s Take a Look Back

“I wasn’t starting a barbershop. I was starting a movement of humanity. Because that's what barbering is about: relationships and connection. Human connection is the most powerful force in nature.” - Houston White in Culture Making

What we know as The Get Down Coffee all started in 2008 when Houston White set out to illuminate the corner of 44th and Humboldt Avenue. Houston’s relocation to this corner came after the housing market crash of 2007, when he and his wife were forced to pivot directions after having been in real estate for the past years. But, Houston had a vision. 

The Get Down started off as The Men’s Room, a barbershop that encouraged the community to not only come and get a cut, but to connect with others, share ideas, and promote excellence. Everything about The Men’s Room centered on the idea of black excellence and how that could be conveyed in a space. From the shop design, to the barbers, to the merch being sold, everything served a larger picture of greatness. 

It wasn’t long before The Men’s Room was not only serving men, but acting as a gathering space for women and children as well. Houston truly turned this corner into a hub and was only just starting. 

Community was the main focus of the barbershop when it started, but coffee nonetheless became an integral part too. It all started with pour-overs being done in the back of the barbershop. We only had two blends to start Juicy and King Kunta, but pretty soon the space would be serving much more. 

The Get Down Coffee opened on Black Friday in 2021, and it has been a lovely journey of connections, coffee, and events since then. We have partnered with AfroPunk, Target, US Bank, MPR, and many other great organizations — who have all made the building of this community possible. The Camdentown Flats have recently been built behind the cafe and are reserved for young professionals looking to make a difference in North Minneapolis. All in all, it’s been three years full of great things and more events and developments are sure to come. Keep your eye out for the next happenings in Camdentown and how you can be apart of it. 

If you’d like to read more about The Get Down’s journey or that of Houston White, check out Houston’s book Culture Making, available exclusively at Target. You can also stop in the cafe and chop it up on any occasion; we love to talk here.